You’re tired. Frustrated. Stuck.

Tired of living in fear. Tired of struggling.

Tired of feeling anxious, lonely, afraid, and looking for significance.

Tired of going about your days with a smile and an “I’m fine”,

when you know deep down, you aren’t.


A monthly membership and online community for deep personal growth, self-discovery and finding purpose.

What do you want most?

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. And yet, so often, that’s exactly what we do.

Whether it’s starting a business, trying to lose weight, paying off debt, or any other big goal we’re trying to achieve, we keep trying the same things, again and again, then wonder why it’s not working, and why we’re not getting to where we want to be.

So I guess the question really is….

What are you ready to do differently?

Get off the hamster wheel!

Maybe you feel like you’ve already tried everything. Or maybe you feel like you haven’t really tried at all. Maybe you’ve been too scared. Maybe you’ve been too busy. Maybe you’ve been too overwhelmed. Maybe you just haven’t known where to start.

But chances are, what you really need is a different approach.

You need a proven process.

What you really need is a clear path to follow, tools that will help you overcome resistance and retrain your brain, as well as ongoing motivation and encouragement to help you stay on track.

You need The Brave Girls Club.  

The Brave Girls Club is the coaching program that takes you by the hand and helps you first understand yourself and exactly what’s holding you back, then helps you take clear and focused action towards achieving your biggest goals and designing your best life.

It’s OK to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really really brave!

Hey girl, hey! I’m Nicole, founder of She Speaks Brave and creator of The Brave Action Planner.
I’ve been in your shoes and I understand how difficult it can be

to walk a path of how you thought life should go, but finding yourself stuck and unsure of your purpose or if your days even count towards something. The thought of getting off that hamster-wheel sounds daunting and straight out scary, filled with “what-ifs” and “I don’t know’s”.

Especially when you feel so alone!

There I was. Two kids. A failing marriage. A business that was burning me out. I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to do. But yet I was buried deep in anxiety and depression. My life was passing me by and I felt like I was watching it behind a window. I knew I was made for a greater life, but I was scared. I was frustrated and overwhelmed because nothing was going “right”. I knew something needed to change. I needed to change the dance.

On top of it, I felt so alone. The support I wanted and needed, I couldn’t find. I knew I wanted to take action, but I didn’t know what action looked like or what changes needed to be made.

I don’t want anyone else to feel that loneliness or struggle to find the support they need…

This isn’t like a gym membership where you walk in, see all the equipment and are too overwhelmed on how to use them. I am here to share small actionable steps that turn into big changes. One step at a time I will walk you through getting unstuck, deep personal growth, self-discovery, and finding purpose. RIGHT. WHERE. YOU. ARE.

I am taking everything I have learned – both from life experience and trainings I have completed and sharing them with YOU. Here you will have all the support and resources I wish I had. Come as you are, bring your scars and your ambitions, your dreams and your fears and let’s turn them into brave action to design your best life filled with purpose, passion, and joy!

What’s Included in The Brave Girls Club?


This will help you get clear on your goals, organize your priorities, & get refocused, so you can accomplish big things in your life. And the weekly planning will help you stay on track by helping you get refocused every single week.



Dig deep and find out who you are. What you want. What your values are and the direction you want to go.


Create and design habits and goals that fit around your life, right where you are. Here you will find accountability and encouragement along the way!


A deep dive into a monthly topic with video training and a workbook. Every single month you’ll get a brand new training to help you move along from stuck to brave action to a purpose-filled, brave life.


Each month we will have one live group coaching sessions where we will come together and I will offer support, empowerment, and encouragement on the struggles and mental blocks.


You’ll have access to helpful resources for managing your time, becoming a better goal setter, and getting organized + a whole lot more!


The book club inside The Brave Girls Club is completely optional but it exists. Each month we announce a new book we’ll be reading together, having weekly discussions and broadening our knowledge bank.


This is where you’ll find encouragement, support, and accountability on a daily basis. A community to encourage & cheer one another on in our personal pursuits of a brave and purpose-filled life.

The Brave Girls Club is for you if:

  • Tackle obstacles, disappointments, perfectionism, fear, mindset blocks
  • Remove labels and break out of the box of expectation
  • Identify and eliminate excuses and unnecessary stress while gaining clarity about your life
  • Overcome the lie that you can’t live your God-given purpose until you reach a certain point or milestone in life, finances, fitness level etc
  • Create healthy habits that will give you energy and help you grow.
  • Learn how to love yourself and value yourself, set boundaries to allow for healthy vulnerability, and have a clear picture of self worth
  • Step out in courage to bravely share your story and make an impact on the lives around you.
  • Learn, understand and live true freedom in your every day life

What are you waiting for?!

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