She Speaks Brave Podcast

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A personal development podcast for the everyday woman (like you!)


Pull up a seat and get ready to unlock your most courageous self. The She Speaks Brave Podcast is all about taking concrete, brave steps that will help you move past your fear and create a life you love.

In this show, Nicole (that’s me!) chats about actionable advice on creating healthy habits, cultivating personal growth, embracing self love, & empowering your faith – all wrapped up with tailorable, tangible takeaways. Nothing is off the table from owning tough realities and difficult situations, to practical success strategies and single mom life.

She Speaks Brave is more than a message, it’s a movement. It’s a community built around taking brave action and unlocking your most courageous self. It’s a place where we can all come in our brokenness and stuckness and share in each others journey. It wasn’t until I started sharing the struggle that I realized so many other women were feeling the same. Held back from fear. Allowing themselves to be defeated because life was just not turning out how they had hoped.

You and I were created to live our best lives. Join me, sister, as we unlock our most courageous selves and design the our best lives.

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Where To Listen

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Hey girl, hey! I’m Nicole Elizabeth.

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I’m here to help multipassionate, purpose-driven women get unstuck, step out of fear and take brave action.This podcast is meant to be a kick in the pants real talk and chat with your best friend. It’s equal parts empowering and tough love, complete with practical, easy to implement tips.

Everyone I talk to is barely making it and so incredibly stressed out. Literally. Every. Single. Person. And they feel like they are alone. Stepping out of fear began for me out of deep struggle. A place of feeling stuck. There was a war going on inside me, one that nobody else saw. A battle between fear and who I was created to be. One that even those closest to me were oblivious to the chaos ensuing behind my gathered afront.

But it was real and raging, and even though I couldn’t describe it at the time, I was keenly aware of its presence and was exhausted by it.
I was stuck. I experienced a sense of bondage I could not name and did not know how to escape. The outside my life looked bright and shiny. But inside, was a mess. Anxious, lonely, afraid, and looking for significance.
We go about our days, our lives, with a smile and an “I’m fine”, when we know deep down, we aren’t. Have you ever struggled with these things?
This podcast exists because I know I am not alone in this. The more I share my story and am let into the deep crevasses of peoples hearts the more I am convinced that each and every one of us is fighting something. Yet, we look out from our silent, secret battles and see people who smile peacefully and seem to be alright and we smile right back at them.
I got sick of smiling.
God created us, each of us, to do something on this planet. He is about action & purpose & growth & courage. When I choose to fight this war privately, loosing inside, I am not growing or allowing God to do things through me or in me.
Get off the hamster wheel. You were made to do great things too. Right where you stand, in your brokenness. So lets dig in, step out of the stuckness and into brave action together. This is your season to thrive.
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Want more on faith, business, and personal development?

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