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Motherhood by design. What does it mean?

Simplified. Purposeful. Intentional. Grace. Joy. Slow. Thrive. Peace. Love. Patience.

These are the words that come to mind when I think of the intentional motherhood I’d like to design.

As a recovering hot mess mama when I felt God put on my heart to start writing about this and creating my brand around encouraging mama’s to create a motherhood and life filled with intention, simplicity, and purpose I was like “no way, there are others that do it way better than I do”. I felt inadequate, incapable and like the wrong person for the job.

Honestly, I still feel that way. I myself, am still on the daily journey of designing my motherhood, simplifying my life and home and creating an atmosphere of purpose. Without Grace, I am just another hot mess mama, I struggle and I fail. I fall down, try to do it on my own and I lose my sh*t (all too often).

I found myself at the end of 2017 exhausted, defeated and lost. It was one full of lots of stress and hustle. Trying to push and grow things in my time, instead of His time. When I listened, there was so much peace – and when I didn’t, so much stress, worry, frustration and an unsettled heart.

I’ve learned so much last year, more about myself than I ever have. I have found some of my voice and my passion and have heard God clearly speak to me which has been SO cool!

I spent my year hustling hard and chased a lot of different things – things that were good, things that stretched me and advanced my business. I accomplished a lot last year and I am proud of it. But with the boys getting older and my husbands’ travel schedule only getting crazier – I couldn’t keep up. My home was a mess, I was working every second I could and my kids were getting that last bit of energy I could muster up. I knew that wasn’t where I was supposed to be. My boys are getting older and require so much more emotional and spiritual support and encouragement. I don’t want to be the mom who is too busy for her kids – I want intentional, purposeful time with them. Time to enjoy the laughter, the little moments and the learning moments (no matter how tough they are).

I have known for a long time that I was meant for a great purpose. A purpose to impact other’s lives and share my story. But whenever I try to do it in my own power and my own strength and rush it along in my own timing – I get lost in the shuffle, I lose sight of what I am supposed to be sharing and how in the world I am qualified to help anyone.

By December my heart was screaming at me to be still. To slow down. To stop. For the first time since I’ve opened my shop, I closed for two weeks so that I could enjoy the Holidays with my family. I fully intended on continuing to work during that time tho – ya know, catch up on all the things I was behind on since I was the sole person trying to run a business and have her hand in #allthethings. But, I just couldn’t. I put my computer away and my phone down and soaked up the time with my family. I left things undone and my to-do list overflowing and I slowed down. It was glorious.

What I did do during that time tho, was really dig deep into my purpose. What exactly I wanted to do, the direction I wanted to take and where I wanted to see my business in a few years. (all things that are still in the process of being answered) I spent the time praying and asking God for clarity and what I was to do this new year – what my plan was going to be, what my goals should be. I begged him and all I kept hearing was “Simplify. Be intentional with the voice you have. Share your story. Share MY story.”

So here I am, elbows deep in cultivating an intentional motherhood, sharing my story as I learn and grow. As I take on simplicity and purpose in motherhood and in life. Click To Tweet

I feel a huge calling to be writing again. Sharing my story with you, sharing my journey.

I don’t feel qualified, I haven’t perfected intentional motherhood – I have barely even figured it out. But God is most evident in our shortcomings and I know He will show up. He will be glorified through my messy progress, my shortcomings as a mama, and my shortcomings as a writer.

So here it is – my promise to be real. My promise to share. And my promise to just do it and be intentional – no matter how hard it is. Here is the beginning of my Intentional Motherhood Project.

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