Monday Madness

Happy Monday darling. I hope your Monday is going well or went well, depending on when you read this. My Monday is well…Monday. School around here started today and I was hoping to start a routine around here today too. But, like usual my plans get left in the way side of life and babies. But that is OK and I just go with it – messy bun, yoga pants, lots of coffee and lots of Jesus!

Monday Madness

As you can see, things look a bit different around here. Don’t you just love the new design? I know I do! I am still working on perfecting a couple things but I’m off on a great start and I am giving myself lots of grace since this is a whole new rodeo for me. You can find almost everything all in one place now – even my shop (which I am most excited about!). I am still working on getting that filled so for now you can head on over to my etsy shop to see all the awesome goodies I got going on! CHECK IT OUT HERE

I have so much going on around here. So many good things happening, I am just beyond excited! I have had so much love and support from all of you, I am so touched and it is incredibly encouraging. So please stay tuned for all the new things coming and thank you for holding tight as I continue to change things around a bit.

Did you start a new routine yet? Do you have kids in school? What type of routine do you have with littles at home and does it change from summer to fall?

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