Life Update

Hi all. Sorry I have been a bit MIA the past couple weeks. Life threw some curve balls and so far my house and my blog took the biggest hit from them.

I had grand plans of having all these posts written and scheduled for most of this month and then most of April so I could take a bit of a break. But unfortunately (for my blog and my readers), my time has gone elsewhere mostly with as much one on one time with Sebastian before his brother comes and I’ve been napping when he naps, which isn’t very often these days. So realistically, my posts may be scarce over the next couple months as we adjust to having a baby around again and I am ok with that.


As for little baby B, we had a bit of a scare last week. I went to my weekly appointment and was measuring four weeks behind. They sent me to get an ultrasound at the hospital the next day. Thankfully my mom and sister came and helped out with Sebastian and the emotional stress, I am so thankful they were here. Sometimes, even as an adult, you just need your mommy. Also, thankfully, it was just a scare. Baby is small, but not too small and seems to be growing and developing just fine. They are keeping close watch on him and we are all hoping he gains a little bit of weight before he makes his grand entrance. Although I had wanted him to come a bit early (verses late) for my own selfish comfort, I am now praying and hoping he cooks a bit longer and gains a bit more weight. But even with that, we don’t have many more weeks/days before he is here and that becomes more of a reality each day.

I will have Sebastian’s monthly post up soon, a little late but oh well. (have I ever been on time? Dad, don’t answer that) He is doing great, definitely aware that something is happening. He has gotten a bit more clingy and cuddly the last couple weeks, which I suspected would happen.

Josiah has been working a lot recently, trying his hardest to get as much accomplished as possibly in a short amount of time. And let me tell you, he is doing an amazing job at it. I am so proud of him for how hard he works and how much effort he puts in to make things run better and more smoothly. I am also so thankful for his hard work that allows me to be home with my babies.

Sebastian and I are slowly getting over colds. Actually I think it’s a mix of allergies, cold and teething (for him). It is so nice to have it a little warmer out, we are gradually spending more time outside and we all love it! I have officially taken maternity leave from the spa. A bit earlier than I had hoped but trying to keep this baby cooking a little longer.

We are slowly but surely getting things in order around here. Ready for baby. I am in full nesting mode and am trying to get as many home projects done in my (limited) spare time as possible. I almost feel unprepared for this baby compared to as prepared I felt for Sebastian to arrive. I’m thinking it’s because I already have a baby and we are just adding another, not quite as big as a life change as making the transition to one. I have all the newborn clothes out and the pack n play with the newborn cradle all set up in our room, I’ve got a box of diapers and a partial hospital bag packed. All our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have baby locks on them, so that should keep Sebastian out of some trouble πŸ™‚ . The nursery is somewhat put together, just nothing up on the walls yet in there (I’m still working on that). We moved the glider into our room and I am in the process of giving it some padding and making a foot rest. I made myself a baby carrier, much like the Moby wrap, but a little smaller to fit my petite size and I also made myself a baby sling, I am really looking forward to trying them both out. I have a feeling I will be wearing this baby a lot more this time as I have a toddler to chase around.

But other than that life here has been pretty uneventful thankfully.

Much love,


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