Pregnancy #2 Must Haves

These are some of the things I can’t live without this pregnancy. pregnancymusthaves

Body Pillow – I wouldn’t be able to sleep, even the little that I am, without it. It goes under the belly and in between the legs, what a life saver!

Water Bottle – like this one. It helps me make sure I have a drink close by always and better than a cup so Sebastian doesn’t spill it.

My iPhone – mainly for my calendar, camera and reminders. Pregnancy brain the second time around is ten times worse.

Maternity Leggings – Like these from Old Navy – I live in them!

Comfortable Bra – a must have for any pregnancy. Just make sure it’s got a little room for those growing boobies! Victoria’s Secrets are my favorite!

Clarks Slippers – Josiah got me Clarks for my birthday. They are indoor/outdoor slippers and I live in them.

Juice – my favorite is Cranberry Grape. It helps me make sure I am drinking enough throughout the day. I water it down quite a bit and it helps the water go down a bit easier.

Coconut Oil – Doesn’t just help with the stretch marks but also with the dry skin that comes along during this cold weather.

Peppermint Tea – Helps ease a queasy stomach, plus it’s yummy!

Pregnancy Journal – To record the milestones of the pregnancy.

Lavender Essential Oil – To help relax. I diffuse it, put it in the bath and add some to some coconut oil to rub on my skin.

Zantac – I didn’t have heart burn with my first pregnancy, but this pregnancy I feel as though I could breath fire. This stuff really helps!


**Some of these links are affiliate links, some are not. But the opinion is all my own and the links are all to products I personally prefer and enjoy and hope you do too.

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