52 Weeks of Lists – Week 1

So, a day late and a dollar short…

Oh well, at least I didn’t completely forget about it 🙂 Not to make excuses, but I did run out of printer ink and that put a bit of a delay on some things – this series included. Again, I am not striving for perfection, if it’s stressful and I am not enjoying it then I am defeating my purpose. Trying to give myself some grace and flexibility.

But here we are folks. Just for fun, a year long series of self reflection. I don’t know about you, but I love lists. I make a list for everything. They put my mind at ease and help me when I am feeling overwhelmed. So I figured this would be a great way for you to get to know me a little better while I get to do a little self reflection during the year.  Each list will be here for you to download each week, fill it out and at the end of the year, you will be able to bind them all together and have a little momentum of 2015 or, start a journal for this project and jot down each prompt (or a list of your own).

52 Weeks of Lists: Week One // List Your Greatest Comforts
• Being wrapped up in big blue (my favorite blanket) • Jesus • Home with my family • Being wrapped up in Josiah’s arms • Knowing Sebastian is safe and sound • music • sitting by a fireplace • pen & paper • my slippers • reading my Bible • snow days (spent inside the warm house of course) • a hug from my mama • taking a walk on a sunny fall day • prayer • being snuggled up in bed • being financially stable • a nice warm shower • Psalms •

 Please feel free to download a PDF of Week One of 52 Weeks of Lists above. Print it out and get to work writing down YOUR greatest comforts. Please feel free to post your list to your blog, just don’t forget to link back here 🙂 if you can put the link to your post down in the comments I would love that so that I can check out all of your lists! I hope you enjoy this year long project and I can’t wait to continue sharing a little bit about myself, one list at a time! 

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