Becoming a Chemical Free Home – Toilet and Glass Cleaner

The porcelain throne, the crapper, the john, the potty, the toilet. Whatever you choose to call it – it’s gross, the idea of it is gross, everything about it is gross.

I feel like the phrase “a clean toilet” is an oxymoron. It’s more like a dirty toilet or a really dirty toilet. I think I have tried just about every toilet cleaner out there and have never been overly impressed with how clean they really get it. I used to use the little cleaner that attached to the side of the toilet and kept the water fresh and cleaned it with every flush – but having a cat who loves the toilet and now a baby that is almost crawling, the though of having chemicals that exposed scares me.

I was very hesitant trying a chemical free approach to a toilet cleaner. I researched what the best one would be and I mulled it over – I could not figure out how it would work and actually clean. But in my attempt to be chemical free I gave it a shot.

Here is all it takes:

1 cup Baking Soda
2 cups White Vinegar
Yup! That’s it!

You are going to make a little volcano in your toilet – first add the baking soda then the white vinegar. Once the fizzing and bubbles calm down just scrub it with your toilet brush and tada! Works just as well as comet, if not better and you aren’t using any nasty chemicals! 

I was just as amazed with the glass cleaner.

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 TBSP cornstarch
2 cups of warm water

Stir/shake well. I added mine to a spray bottle which made it a lot easier for application. It worked really well for the most part. I needed to spray and wipe some spots on the mirror a couple times (like by the sink from toothpaste splashes). But over all, it wasn’t streaky and it cleaned nicely and left the mirrors nice and shiney.

Overall I have been really enjoying my results of the chemical free cleaners I’ve used so far. They work great, don’t leave a yucky film or smell, and are cost effective. Home run in my book! I hope you all are enjoying them as well!

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