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Brave is Possible

So often we strive to do it by ourselves. To be enough – to those around us, for those around us, for ourselves. We try to pull from our own strength to get through another day, another hour even. We muddle through, trying to find our identity, love ourselves, prove ourselves, heal ourselves. Striving. Doing. Pushing. We pour ourselves into our kids, our work, our relationships, fitness, food – anything to fill that emptiness that just doesn’t seem to go away. 


Sister, we weren’t meant to do it all. We weren’t meant to do it in our strength. We weren’t meant to be enough. Not without Jesus. With Him, we can do anything. With Him, we are enough because HE is enough. We don’t need the approval of anyone else or our own approval. When our worth, our identity is deeply rooted in Him – He is everything we need.


If you are anything like me, you’ve heard that before but either the negative toxic thoughts have taken rule in your head or (maybe even and) you know it, but you haven’t quite figured out how to go from knowing to really believing it in your life. 


Sweet friend, I am so glad you are here. join me as I share Jesus. I hope you equip you and walk with you as we root ourselves deeply in His love, in His enoughness. There is SO much freedom in that. Built on the foundations of Jesus, trust comes more readily which kicks fear in the butt and our brave selves step into who God made us to be and our purpose shines.

Come as you are.


Have you ever felt stuck? You know, that feeling like you lost yourself and what made you, you? Wanting to move forward, wanting to really live, to be present, and thrive? But can’t think past the next ten minutes?


I’ve been where you are. Held back by fear, fear of not fitting in, fear of not being accepted for who I really was, fear of my scars, and fear of not being enough – to name a few. 


Girl, there is FREEDOM on the other side of fear! And it just takes a little ACTION to get there. We all have a story, it’s time to own yours and bravely step into the woman God created you to be. I am walking this journey with you! Your brokenness, your hurt, your stuckness is welcome here – because girl, we are in this together!