We each have a story.

Stories that we tend to hide because they aren’t what we expected them to be.

Instead, we hide behind fear and try to fit ourselves into who others say we should be.

Don’t let your scars define you.

You weren’t meant to live as a shell of yourself.

You were meant to live full and free in Him.

One day at a time, ten minutes at a time.

Step into your brave.

Hey Girl, Hey!

I’m Nicole.

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

I believe we are each given a story and I am grateful you have stopped by to read mine.

I am a single mama to two wild and free little boys. I run on Jesus & coffee and I love serving others.

It may not have turned out quite as I had imagined, but God has been faithful each step of the way – I hope you find my story encouraging and inspiring and see His faithfulness ever present in my life.

My life is far from Pinterest or Instagram perfect. So grab your cup of coffee and join me in embracing the chaos & living a life wild, free & full of grace.